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Lead Bullets available in 32, 38, & 45 calibers
MLB Pricesheet JUL 2017
We specialize in producing affordable cast lead bullets. We make a quality product available to shooters at a reasonable price.
The 147 grain bullet allows a longer over all length (OAL) that works better in a Winchester 1866/73 and a Marlin 1894. Our new 147 grain bullet loaded in .38 Special brass allows the OAL (Overall Length) to be approximately that of a .357 magnum round that the reproduction Winchester 1866/1873 rifles and the Marlin 1894 rifles are designed to use.
While you can use shorter bullets, your rifle will not operate as smoothly as it could with the correct OAL cartridge as the lifter forces the cartridges from the tube back in against the tube spring each time the lifter rises.
SHIPPING & Ins For $17.00
Approximately 70 lbs or less
4,000  96 gr. .32 bullets
3,000 105 gr .357 bullets
3,000 125 gr .357 bullets
3000 147 gr .357 bullets
2,000 158 gr .357 bullets
2,000  200 gr .45 bullets

You can buy them directly from us at shoots around the Northeast and save the modest shipping charge.